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1310/1550nm 10Gbps Low Optical Return Loss LC-ROSA

Part NO. MI5D-903G-KS2

The LuxNet 1310/1550nm 10G 5pin low optical return loss LC-ROSA (Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly) is designed for 10Gbps data communication performance requirements through single mode optical fiber. This device integrates with 10G high speed InGaAs PIN chip and trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) into a TO-46 cap, 5-pin header and LC receptacle with fiber stub. A flex provides interconnects from header leads to transceiver PCB with controlled impedance. This product is designed for the application of 10G SONET/SDH. The LC-type optical port with fiber stub transmits light into the PIN detector with high coupling efficiency and low return loss.

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